Bhatkal's location, although very strategic, was the main factor behind the country's erratic history. Bhatkal witnessed the rise and fall of several dynasties and rulers. Bhatkal was a part of the Hoysala empire from 1291 to 1343 before falling into the hands of the Vijayanagara empire. After the disintegration of the latter, the much coveted "town" of Bhatkal was brought under the control of the Saluva (Jain) rulers of Hadwalli (a town on the State Highway towards Jog Falls). Numerous temples and basadis were constructed during the Saliva's reign. Vestiges of this period can be found in Mudbhatkal, where a few temples still stand as an old witness of that era. Chola emperors under Aditya I,his son Parantaka I and successor Sundara Chola also known as Parantaka Chola II initially invaded and conquered territories in the Kannada country between Gangavadi on the Mysore  plateau and Bhatkal on the Sahyadri coast 880-975 AD. As a sign of their victory in Kannada country, they built Solesvara Temple, in commemoration of their conquest. Inscriptions from successive kings from Parantaka Chola I to Kulothunga Chola III mention their generals as 'Lords of the Konkana' which included Bhatkal and of paying obeisance to Lord Solesvarar of Konkana. The Portuguese also made their presence felt here in the beginning of the 16th century. From the Keladi rulers, Bhatkal was passed on to Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan and later to the British in 1799 after the death of Tipu Sultan


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1. Birth & Death records Computerization (1-1-2009): Register of Birth & Death records has been computerized  from 1947 Onwards all the birth & death entries are available online. Public can view the Online records through official web site : http://www.bhatkaltown.gov.in/egbnd/SearchReports.do

2. Public Grievance Redressal Cell ( Help Line)TMC Bhatkal has introduced PGR cell for the effective redressal of public complaints. Public can register their complaints over the Phone, writing  letter or through online. Tel No :08385-228508, http://www.bhatkaltown.gov.in/pgr/BeforeReg.do

3. ULB Web site : Information related to TMC Bhatkal is available in Official web site www.bhatkaltown.gov.in

4. Property tax payment Computerization : TMC Bhatkal  has introduced " Aasti" a property tax payment application . As per 2005-06 survey  23 wards properties have been registered online. Public can view their property details available online at : website  http://www.bhatkaltown.gov.in/ptisnn/public/citizenIndex.jsp

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